BSNS 113 Economics

Instructors :

Struggling with elasticity calculations? Confused by all the fancy looking graphs? This course covers everything you need to know about economics. Whether you’re gunning for a pass or an A+ this will help you get there. We break down exactly what you need to know for every topic, then explain it to you with clear audio. Then you can test your knowledge with our interactive practice quizzes at the end of each topic. This gets you access to one semester.
Modules Covered:
1. Introduction
2. Interdependence and Gains from Trade
3. Demand, Supply and Equilibrium
4. Elasticity
5. Government Intervention and Welfare
6. International Trade
7. Externalities, Types of Goods, Imperfect Information
8. Inequality and Behavioural Economics
9. Cost Curves and Production
10. Theory of Firms
11. Game Theory
12. Macro Economics
13. Financial Systems
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