MART112 Marketing Management

Instructors :

Welcome to our MART 112 online course!

Cam Barr (who wrote this course) is an absolute champion when it comes to MART 112 and had his midterm described as “best Comtutor tute yet” by one of our most regular students. get amongst it now!

All modules include audio lessons from our tutor.
Modules Covered: 
  • Module 1 (Lectures 1-5)
    • Introduction Concepts (L1)
    • Needs and Motivation (L2)
    • Environments (L3)
    • Target Markets and Segmentation (L4)
    • Consumer Decision Making (L5)
    • Practice Quiz
  • Module 2 (Lectures 6-10)
    •  Consumer Lifestyles (L6)
    • Market Research (L7)
    • Branding (L8)
    • New Product Development (L9)
    • Integrated Marketing Communications (L10)
    • Practice Quiz
  • Module 3 (Lectures 11-15)
    • Pricing (L11)
    • Product Life Cycle (L12)
    • Multi Channel Marketing and Social Media (L13)
    • Organisations as Customers (L14)
    • Issues of Cost/Basic Supply and Demand (L15)
    • Practice Quiz
  • Module 4 (Lectures 16-20)
    •  Sales and Sales Management (L16)
    • Marketing Channels and Supply Chains (L17)
    • Measuring Marketing’s Performance (L18)
    • Wholesaling and Retailing (L19)
    • Cosnsumption and Wellbeing (L20)
    • Practice Quiz

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