Meet Our Tutors

Meet Our Tutors!

Poppy Cox
BSNS113 Economics

Poppy is a second year Law and Commerce student, majoring in Finance. Poppy snagged A+’s in all her first year commerce papers and a spot on the Dean’s List, making her the perfect person to explain Terry Kerr’s ramblings to you. When she’s not in a library, you’d probably find her down at St. Clair or loitering around one of Dunedin’s many cafes.


Eve McCallum
LAWS 101A + LAWS 101B

Eve is a third year Law and Communications student. She got that lucrative A+ in first year and backed it up with two A's in second year which both placed her in the top 5% of the class. She is also an avid lover of politics which places her in a strong position to be able to teach you all about the history of our government. When she's not studying or watching Parliament TV, you can find her down at Les Mills with all the other white girls of Dunedin doing GRIT.


Kelci Alderton-Armstrong
LAWS 204 Public Law

Kelci is in her third year of an LLB (Hons) and BA (Psychology) degree. Fresh out of the pain that is second year she is excited to help make public law a tolerable event. Who knows, it could even be fun?! Having spent more time last year in the Richardson library than at her (subpar) flat - she is well qualified to tutor you through all things public law.



Cameron Wright
LAWS 301 Torts Law

Cameron is a third year Law genius. Having topped first-year law, and securing an honour spot after second-year law, he knows exactly how to ace his exams and is the perfect tutor to be working alongside Emily. Cam is in fact a current students in the Torts paper, and has taken on the tutor role to cover the new sections of the course. To ensure we have all bases covered for this workshop we have this dynamic duo ready to cover everything from defamation to negligence. When he’s not memorizing law text books, Cam’s a man of the outdoors. He’s off skiing, hiking, biking – you name it.


Anna Piebenga
LAWS 202 Contract

Kia ora! Anna Piebenga is in her third year studying an LLB and a BA (Politics and English). Now she may be a rare breed, but Anna actually frothed a bit of contract last year. Fresh out of the marathon that was second year law, Anna is more than ready to help make contract law somewhat bearable for you before exams! Having spent the better part of second year in Richardson nestled among textbooks and drinking copious amounts of coffee, Anna is psyched to share some knowledge about all things contract. Who knows, there may even be chocolate and Kahoot involved...? Consider that a contractual promise.



Libby Vincent
Chief Organiser

Libby is Comtutor's on the ground Administrative Manager A.K.A Chief Organiser. She's the one who sorts you all out all with the all-important feed of sushi for your lunch come workshop day! Amongst other things, Libby is the do-er of all things organisational that makes the workshops and business actually happen! Without her, none of this exists and it sure as heck wouldn't be anywhere as good.

Kelly Thompson
Operations Manager

Kelly is new to the Comtutor team, joining as our 2IC under Libby. Having toughed it out with second year Law, attending all 4 of our 200-level workshops, Kelly knows the ins and outs of how the workshops should run. Adding some fabulous law brains to the team, Kelly assists with tutor recruitment, and all the behind the scenes of the business. When not repping the Comtutor tee, Kelly's on the bball court or hitting that law library.

Charmain Pedrigal
IT / Website Guru

Charmain has joined our Comtutor team helping us with all the backend website and technological department. She's a wizzes behind the computer sorting all our needs for the website and making sure everything runs smoothly.