Our Story


Comtutor was created from humble beginnings as a way of helping a few mates out with some of the Commerce papers. With tutoring simply being exchanged for a box of beers, it was here that Comtutor was born, as the first Otago tutoring company.

Today we have grown into a community of educators who share the vision of helping our fellow Otago students. Driven by simply wanting to help students, our dedicated team have worked to tailor our workshops to suit the needs of the students.

Our tutorials have been running since 2013 and since then we have helped 5,000 students overcome the challenges of exams.

Constantly pushing the boat on what students can expect, in 2019 we introduced our online courses to provide further resources. Get help from how to write essays to specific course content for your degree.


See what some of our community have to say

"I was very impressed by the knowledge of the tutor I had for BSNS 113.

He was very easy going and made it comfortable for everyone to ask questions.

The notes provided by Com-tutor really exhilarated my studying. I was able to do my last minute cramming much easier and more efficient than if i didnt have the study notes provided.

The extra examples really helped to drill the key ideas into my brain.

Definitely worth the money. "

-Brittany R

"The Comtutor core commerce finance tute was a life saver after a few too many missed lectures.

The tutor explained the concepts simply and the practise problems helped me get a much better grip on what they would ask in the exam!

It was a super useful day of study!"

-Jemima H

"It was a lifesaver, the tutor gave clear explanations, the booklet he hand out was extremely useful, gave me so much more confidence after the workshop, and I think I wouldn’t be able to pass the paper without it."

-Jiaming S

"I’ve used Comtutor for a couple of papers before and it really helped me get a better understanding of the courses.

The booklets handed out summarised the papers really well and Liam the tutor did a great job of explaining everything in the booklet.

Would recommend to anyone looking for an advantage when preparing for exams!"

-George P

"Very helpful, it made my preparations for the exam so much easier and the tutor did a really good job of explaining the content. "

-Henry W

"This tut was very helpful and set me up perfectly for the exam. It provided a very handy set of notes and the style of the tut was very good.

Definitely recommend."

-Jono R