Online Course Categories

What are Online Courses?

Here at ComTutor, we have decided to change the game, introducing a new product to make your life easier. This year we have put our collective knowledge into the cloud, so you can pick our brains from the comfort of your couch.

So what exactly do you get with these courses? We have broken each paper down into topics. Within each topic you receive simple hand crafted notes from one of our top notch tutors, interactive practice questions focused on each particular topic and short audio recordings from the tutors explaining the trickier bits as you go. We have broken each course down like this to allow you to tackle each paper topic by topic, practicing as you go. We all know that the best way to learn is through practice questions, this is why we have written so many for you.

Put it this way, we wish we had these resources when we were doing these papers. This tool will save you countless hours in the library battling alone. Why not get walked through a paper step by step by a tutor all semester?

Disclaimer: Comtutor is an independent tutoring company with no association to the University of Otago. We make no claim to represent or be endorsed by the University. While we know our courses are unreal, we still encourage you to attend your lectures and tutorials.